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How to Apply Eye Shadow

WOW! – some people have the best JOBS!

View this amazing video on just how ‘buildings’ are made.
Big congratulations to the pilot and navigators!!!
I sure would not want to be the guy inside.


Undoubtedly, those who made this video are of great level, they give us a wonderful work of Beethoven played by Ana Rucner, an extraordinary cellist.

Filmed in Croatia, super !!! …. In a remarkable beauty and originality.  See how Nature and Man work wonderfully together.

Best Cat Videos of All Time

It is so hard not to laugh when you see some of these cut cats in action.  Take for example the reaction of “scaredy cat” seeing the ‘monster’ appearing out of the pool, or how inviting it would be to have “paw massage” and how real is that “flying cat”?  Have you ever seen a kitten eating with “chopsticks”?

You will love this Video of Grumpy Cats

Having a bad day? Grumpy Cat can make it even worse. With a permanent scowl, this Cat is the master of what bad attitude means. Celebrate the grouch in all of us. Get rid of that smile on your face and put on a frown instead.

I’m sure we all have bright hidden ideas somewhere in the back of our minds just waiting to be tested. A correct and positive attitude in whatever we do will make things easier, and even enjoyable.

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Stunning View of China Seen from a Drone

Here you can fly over some of the most beautiful sites of Guilin and Yangshuo in China. Using a remote controlled Drone you can capture ancient sites, gently flowing rivers, local villagers going about their work. Scenic mountains with cities nestled among them. The background music is also very relaxing while you view the sites. This enchanting three and a half minute video of China will want to make you travel to this stunning country.

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Friends Forever

A beautiful collection of Videos of how animals of all types can be friends with each other. See an Elephant and a Lamb together. an ape and a dog, dolphin swimming with a dog and how about a parrot feeding a dog “Amazing”. Maybe these animals can teach us humans how to work and play together without prejudice.

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In this prize-winning clip from AFV, a girl tries to show her mom her new engagement ring and tell her the big news, but all mom can see are some nicely painted nails!

The mothers reaction is a real “scream”. It is so hilarious.


Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress – The Royal Wedding – BBC

What a beautiful dress and she carry’s  it so well.  The simplicity of the dress makes it elegant. Too many wedding gowns are way too gaudy these days or brides try to be sexy.  This is what you call a classy dress worn by a classy lady. One of our Collection of Videos to view anytime.


Mens Fashion Trends 2015


Casual Fashion trends 2015


Happy Mothers Day


Watch This Video To Personally Draw & Make a I LOVE YOU in 3D. Watch their eyes when they see what you have done to show your love.

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